Out of the album “Kiske Somerville” released September 24th.

Mat Sinners project with singer Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville will be released through Frontiers on September 24th. The first single “Silence” will be out on August 20th. More info to follow.

Today was the first festival show for Unisonic. At the Sweden Rock Festival it was so stormy that the technic tower broke down. Fortunately nobody got hurt. This happened when the crowd was already waiting in front of the Rock Stage for Unisonic to play. The swedish press reported about this (commendation for non swedish speakers: google translator).



When everything was under control again, Unisonic could start to rock the stage!

The encore “A little Time”:

Pics from the show:

Unisonic Sweden Rock 2010

Unisonic Sweden Rock 2010

Unisonic Sweden Rock 2010

photos by Claudio Bresciani

Michael Kiske (photo by Suefish)

UNISONIC – the new band of Michael Kiske, Mandy Meyer, Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou. The first two of three Warm Up Shows for the summer festivals are over now. Last Saturday was the first time after 17 years that Michael Kiske was entering a stage again. The location was chosen with the Live Music Hall in Mörlenbach (Weiher). Round about 300 visitors came to join this event and see the first steps of this amazing new band. The people were freaking out when Michael came on stage. Some of them were waiting for years for this moment to happen! The band started with the Place Vendôme Song “Cross the Line” and went on with more songs out of this previous project. The point is that Unisonic didn’t release any own songs yet and they wanted to avoid that videos in bad quality would be uploaded with the new material before it was officially released. Understandable! Anyway 3 out of these 4 members were part of Place Vendôme.

But one brand new song stood on their setlist. The song is called “Souls Alive” and it sure was a highlight for the audience to listen. Even after the setlist was played the people asked the band to play this new song again. A good sign I would say. So Michael invited two fans out of the front row to come on stage to help him out. The song is so new that he needed the lyrics on a paper. The job for these two fans was now to hold the lyrics and Michael sang and played the guitar. Of course this was very special for these guys.

The bonus for all the Kiske fans came at the end of the show when Unisonic played two songs from Helloween. When Michael sang “Kids of the century” and “A little time” – just like in old days – the crowd was completely freaking out! What a magic moment….

One last chance to join one of these small and cozy gigs is coming Wednesday, June 9th, in Bruchsal (Fabrik). If you get the chance to join, don’t miss it!

Right after this concert the four guys will travel to Sweden to play the Sweden Rock Festival. Some more festivals will follow…

The project around Mat Sinner has Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske on vocals. Two weeks ago they had a video shoot in Nürnberg/Germany. Amanda uploaded a funny video clip on youtube. This is some kind of “Making of”. Enjoy!

The following news from WICKED SENSATION just reached us:

We just got signed by the knowned german Melodic Label Metal Heaven. We`re looking forward to work with Georg Siegl from AOR Heaven/Metal Heaven. The european release of “CRYSTALLIZED” is scheduled for June and the Album contents the following 13 Songs: Better World – My turn to fly – Fistful of Dreams – Give it up – Lost in a World – Love to play, hate to stop – Gimme the Night – Am I right – Lonely is the Night – Ordinary Man – The Love i used to know – Running through your Veins – Bleedings Hearts

Thanks to all of you out there for your patience!