Get Together

Musicians searching for musicians – for bands and projects

If you are a musician yourself or you play in a band and are searching for other members, don`t hesitate to contact SUEFISH promotion and maybe you will find what you are searching for. If you are interested in joining this pool (of course all information about you and your band will be handled confidential, no info about you will be forwarded without asking if it is ok for you) please write an email to

You should describe yourself by answering to the following points:

1. Your name and age

2. Where are you from

3. Searching for a musician / band / project

4. What instrument do you play

5. Style of music (also name bands if you want)

6. your experiences so far

7. Are you a professional / semi prof. / starting musician

8. A link where to listen to samples (please don`t send files!!)

9. your expectations in the new band / member / project

10. What else do you think would be important to know about you?

Let`s see if we can bring you together!