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The year is almost over. What happened? Did it all come out like it was expected? I’m trying to catch my thoughts from the beginning. I had the feeling that it will be a good year for SUEFISH promotion and what can I say? It definitely was a good year. We had lots of plans and visions and we still have.

The first months in 2009 were under the star “Unplugged”. ELEVATE were on the road and we had some wonderful and funny experiences that we could carry. April was almost dipped in summer. Elevate had some gigs in northern Germany and I remember the trips we did in T-Shirts! In May they released the single “Time Will Fly” and the feedback was brilliant! The song jumped immediately to number 1 at the SWR3 charts and the video clip (see category “videos”) was “Video of the month” at C-Tube. Due to this, an article in the magazine “Soundcheck” was published in November. The second part of the year, the guys mainly spent their time in the studio, recording new songs for the next album. I’m very positive about this and can’t wait for the release. For me personally I can close this year with the last show in Ludwigsburg at the Rockfabrik (20.12.2009).

Place Vendôme, the project around singer Michael Kiske, released their second album and a video clip for the song “My Guardian Angel” (see category “videos”). Also Michael did some vocals on different projects again. Later on, he talked to Dennis and Kosta – his mates from Place Vendôme – about the idea creating an own band (PV was just seen as a project). They contacted the guitar player Mandy Meyer and realized this idea. The result was UNISONIC. That’s now the name of Michaels new band. In 2010 you can expect their debut album. And finally (his fans were waiting almost 17 years for this moment) Michael will be back on stage! First dates are confirmed and more will follow (see page “Tourdates”).

Milan Polak also released his second full-vocal album called “Murphy’s Law” and also published a video clip to the song “Torn” (see “Videos”). ML is a great rock album with catchy melodies, amazing guitar riffs (fans were happy to have their “guitar hero” back) and his excellent voice. For the gutitar players: Milan also has his own channel on youtube, including guitar lessons and competitions. For the next album I’m curious to see what comes. Be sure I’ll keep you updated!

PRETTY MAIDS finally started the recordings for another album! So I can also count this to the nice parts of this year, even if they just started. More news from these Danes will sure follow in 2010.

My dear friend Michael Klein was also busy writing and recording new songs. It was a wonderful surprise when he told me that WICKED SENSATION were back! Robert Soeterboek came to Karlsruhe and visited Michael in his studio. When he left, the songs were refined with his distinctive voice. His buddy Dirk Bruinenberg did the drums and Dennis Ward played the bass. Michael did of course all guitars and Bernie was responsible again for keyboards. The new album will be called “Crystallized” and published in 2010.

3 Wishes: Well, what can I say about these guys? SUEFISH promotion started with 3 Wishes years ago and they came along with me from the beginning on. They were now setting up their own studio with all equipment they needed and since then they were somehow buried between these walls. I got the chance to listen to some of the new songs during the development and I’m curious how they will come out in the end. Sounds all promising!!

Now I await the new year and I’m sure it will be at least as exciting as 2009 was. I’ll keep you updated!

To all my friends (not only the ones mentioned above) and all of you out there: Have a good start for 2010 and always try to think positive!

With all heart for music & art,
Jutta aka Suefish