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UNISONIC have signed a record contract with earMUSIC / Edel most recently. “IGNITION“, the mini album to herald the major longplay output in March, will feature the band’s self titled anthem “Unisonic“, and the brand new song “My Sanctuary” from the album, a demo version of the song“Souls Alive” and the Helloween classic “I Want Out” – a live rarity, performed by the band at Loudpark Festival in Japan October 2011.

Unisonic 2011

UNISONIC´s music is very versatile and shows a broad approach to heavy rock, but never misses the power and strong, sticking melodies that made all the members famous in the metal scene in the first place. Says singer Michael Kiske“It feels great to finally bring the band to the studio and record the songs we´ve been working on for some time. We took our time to grow as a real band, but it definitely was worth it and we are very proud of the result!
Bassist/producer Dennis Ward adds: “We have a bunch of very strong songs and can´t wait until people can hear them. Everyone in the band is looking very positive into the future.”

Many fans all over the world have been anticipating this for years, now it
comes true – Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen teamed up again, Kai joined

Michael Kiske: “After so many years of abstinence I had a lot of fun doing
my first live shows with Unisonic in summer 2010, so I agreed to do the
short world tour with Avantasia. It was a great experience to be on stage
with all those great artist, but with Kai it was something different: We
instantly felt the magic again and had a lot of fun together on and off
stage. We both realized that we want to be together in band again. He was
interested in the open musical concept of Unisonic and finally asked me if
he can join the band. I talked to my bandmates and they all felt great about
it. His talent as a guitarist and songwriter is an enrichment for the band
and we are looking forward to his contribution for the music of Unisonic.”

Kai Hansen will stay a member of his band Gamma Ray and play all scheduled
shows. Currently he is writing songs with the Unisonic guys for the long
anticipated debut album, which is planned to be released at the end of 2011.

Michael Kiske (vocals)
Mandy Meyer (guitars)
Kai Hansen (guitars)
Dennis Ward (bass)
Kosta Zafiriou (drums)

Das neue Album von eleVate wurde am 18. März 2011 veröffentlicht. Es kann bei Amazon bestellt werden. Hierzu diesem Link folgen: Amazon Bestellung

Am 25. Februar wird die neue Single “The Place Where I Belong” aus diesem Album erscheinen. Erhältlich bei iTunes, Musicload etc.

The melodic rock band THREE WISHES from Hamburg/Germany will release their new album called “Obsession” in January 2011. More details about this are following soon (how to order etc.). Also some sound samples to listen to will be uploaded on their myspace page soon! The album will include 15 songs of pure melodic rock! The band was working hard on it and they are very pleased with the result.

1. Living A Lie
2. New Tomorrow
3. Don’t Get Me Wrong
4. Save My Soul
5. Everything To Me
6. Y.D.N.W.L.C.B.
7. One Life
8. Fight
9. Flying High
10. No Way Back
11. Sensation
12. Destiny
13. Sally
14. Red, Hot & Wicked
15. Better Days 2010

The following news from WICKED SENSATION just reached us:

We just got signed by the knowned german Melodic Label Metal Heaven. We`re looking forward to work with Georg Siegl from AOR Heaven/Metal Heaven. The european release of “CRYSTALLIZED” is scheduled for June and the Album contents the following 13 Songs: Better World – My turn to fly – Fistful of Dreams – Give it up – Lost in a World – Love to play, hate to stop – Gimme the Night – Am I right – Lonely is the Night – Ordinary Man – The Love i used to know – Running through your Veins – Bleedings Hearts

Thanks to all of you out there for your patience!

Bald ist es wieder soweit und die Crème de la Crème aus dem Musikbusiness trifft sich zum gegenseitigen Informationsaustausch auf der jährlichen Frankfurter Musikmesse. In diesem Jahr findet die Messe für Fachbesucher vom 24.03. bis 26.03.2010 statt und am folgenden Tag (Samstag, 27.03.2010) für alle privaten Musikinteressierten.

Das Team von SUEFISH promotion wird auch anwesend sein. Wir wollen ja auf dem Laufenden bleiben und sehen, was es im Musikbusiness an Neuigkeiten gibt! Zudem werden unsere Jungs von eleVate dort zwei Auftritte auf’s Parkett legen. In Kooperation mit Lakewood werden die Gitarren besagter Marke im Livemodus von eleVate präsentiert. Auch am allgemeinen Besuchertag wird es einen Auftritt von eleVate geben, so dass jeder Besucher die Möglichkeit hat, sich von der Band sowie den Lakewood-Gitarren zu überzeugen.

Die Live-Termine von eleVate auf der Musikmesse sind:

Mittwoch, 24. März (Fachbesucher) “verstärkt”, Agora Stage 15:30 Uhr
Samstag, 27. März (Privatbesucher) “unplugged”,  Lakewood-Stand 15:30 Uhr

Tickets für Fachbesucher: 24.03. bis 26.03.2010

Tickets für Privatbesucher: 27.03.2010

Weitere Live-Termine von eleVate findet ihr unter “Tourdates”

TIPP: Für diejenigen, die dann immer noch nicht genug Musik um die Ohren hatten, kann ich noch das Mega-Event HR3@Night empfehlen. Am Samstag, 27. März 2010 werden auf 20 Bühnen in der Stadt ca. 50 Acts spielen. Einige sind bereits bestätigt: Stanfour, Aura Dione, The Baseballs, Revolverheld, Mundstuhl, die hr-Bigband zusammen mit Bela B, Livingston, 2raumwohnung, Glashaus, Boogie Pimps, Stoppok, Wayne Jackson, Johannes Oerding, die Beatles Revival Band, “Das gezeichnete Ich” und viele, viele mehr. Weitere Infos hierzu: Die HR3@night Homepage

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I would like to wish everybody a wonderful Christmas time and a good start for the new year. 2010 is going to be a great year with lots of new releases and live shows.

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